What are you passionate about? Have you ever taken the time to figure it out? I spent years trying one thing after the next in a quest to figure out what the heck I should be doing with my life.

I’ve been a Human Resources professional for over 20 years, but I realized there was more to my story. Through my corporate job, I discovered my passion – to serve other people in their quest to be their best self.

I struggled with “playing small” for most of my life. I chose to shrink in order to allow others to rise above me. Then I heard God say to me that if I had anything to do with their #JOYrising, then He would allow my #JOYcup to overflow too. He was telling me that I wasn’t shrinking while helping others grow in their life and business. I was actually rising with them.

I found my passion in coaching others in life, work, and business. As an author and publisher, I’ve also found my passion in helping others birth their literary babies because we all have a #story to tell.

I cultivate my #passion by serving others. I rise when you rise! I am living the life I was always capable of living. It’s your turn to do the same! Visit me at www.StephanieOutten.com. Become your BEST self! Tell your story! Let’s do this together!

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