At Cocoon to Wings, our uniquely created workshops and offerings allow you to SOAR! Whether in life, work or business, it’s time for a shift, and our coaching programs are designed to help clients experience those positive shifts in their mindset. With our publishing services, we work with you to bring your literary “baby” to life and move your masterpiece to market in the way you desire

Anointed Writers' Lab

The Anointed Writers’ Virtual Writing Lab offers a safe, collaborative space for existing and aspiring writers/authors to access and utilize the tools and techniques needed to help birth the stories the world has been waiting for them to share. 

Coaching Programs

What’s keeping you from SOARing in life, work, or business?  When was the moment you forgot how POWERful you really are?  It’s time to BREAK THE SHELL – the shell of the cocoon that has held you hostage to past challenges and unfilled visions for your life.  Let us guide you each step of the way and equip you with the tools you need to succeed in life, work, and business. From life coaching, to career coaching, to executive coaching, our team will support you in setting your wings free to SOAR.  Are you READY to SOAR?

Publishing Services

Whether you want to self-publish or work with our team to publish your book, our publishing team will support you in successfully getting your masterpiece to the market.