Stephanie Outten, Chief Visionary Officer of Cocoon to Wings Publishing, is an anointed Woman of God, Literary Doula, Writing Coach, Publisher, and Transformation Agent. She has been appointed by God to guide existing and aspiring writers and authors through birthing their literary masterpieces and leaving their story as their legacy.

Through her own transformational journey, Stephanie learned that with every story there is history that needs to be identified. There is healing and breakthrough that needs to take place so that we are free to share our stories uninhibited by our past. She self-published her first novel, “Is This the Way to Joy?” in 2016 as a way of healing from past trauma that once, unknowingly, consumed her life. She heard from God that her story would heal others and set them on a path to their own breakthroughs. She crafted this inspirational fiction story, loosely based on her own life, in order to receive her own powerful breakthrough.

With 20+ years of Corporate Human Resources and coaching experience under her belt, in April 2016 she became a certified transformational life coach supporting women who wanted to soar in life, work, and business. Through her life coaching work, much of what she tasked her clients with required them to write. By 2018, Stephanie received her revelation that she had the anointing to coach individuals to write and give birth to their fiction and nonfiction stories. She now supports those who have, or desire to have, the gift of writing in order to birth and publish their literary “babies” into the marketplace. She offers ongoing support through her writing coaching services, writing labs, and writing workshops.

Stephanie considers herself a Christian fiction writer and has authored chapters in the Amazon Bestseller anthology, “Soul Talk,” as well as fiction anthology, “When I Kill Him Jesus Can Have Him.” While she is passionate about writing her own works, she remains focused on supporting her writing and publishing clients as their Literary Doula.

Her favorite quote, “When sleeping women wake, mountains move,” has been the mantra that allows her to move mountains in her own life because she knows that God has appointed her for such a time as this.

Stephanie is passionate about Christ and serving others on their journey toward joy
and self-care. She released the pain of her past in order to write her future power story.
Now, she Soars in order to Pour into the lives of those God assigned to her.